Landscape Consult

is for those who are starting the landscape build process.

  • Review site with Client, discuss potential design changes
  • Sketch concepts for area of interest
  • Discuss maintenance for plant material and hardscapes

Project Management

is for those who are looking for the complete project. Twin Lake Design will manage the installation of the landscape project with an organized team of contractors.

  • Organized Team of Contractors to build the landscape
  • We look for efficiency and accuracy
  • Manage the financial side of the project.

Landscape Design

is the next step for most. This is the actual blueprint to create your ideal outdoor space prior to construction. Plant and hardscape materials are selected according to the project budget.

  • Site organization
  • Outdoor Living Spaces
  • Specialize in outdoor relationship to the interior spaces

Landscape Enhancement

is where some choose to have Twin Lake Design enhance their outdoor living spaces for the seasons.

  • Container placement and plant design
  • Seasonal changes

Get the best outcome for your landscape!

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Backyard Design and Outdoor Landscapes:

Let’s turn your outdoor areas into your own personal paradise.

Having a gorgeous Backyard Design and Outdoor Paradise doesn’t have to be a dream.  Our 7-Step Process has been tested and approved to make any backyard design project as easy and enjoyable as possible. Call Twin Lake Design today to make this dream a reality!