Our Vision

Create Timeless Concepts & Outdoor Creations to Enhance Life.

Our Mission

Twin Lake Design discovers responsive Landscapes and Structures that enhance the Natural Beauty of the Land.

Our Clients seek concepts that are creatively unique and solution minded.

Our enthusiastic creativity and distinctive listening skills allow us to design timeless solutions with the utmost respect for organic resources.

Creative, Unique and Meticulous is our Business.

Twin Lake Design

We are a 20+ year old referral based business that started with a belief that a client should have an all-inclusive, one on one project experience that embraces their home surroundings and seeks creativity and satisfaction in a landscape design. Our founder and CEO established Twin Lake Design to offer a landscape experience which incorporates a team of individuals who exemplify care and excellence. Attention is given to each client in order to create ageless, distinctive spaces that reflect the personality of the owners. Since we began, Twin Lake Design has expanded beyond residential to include community spaces and commercial properties.

As a referral based business, our growth and success is accredited to our existing clients and we thank each and every one of them for sharing their home with us.

“It’s all about our Clients.” Marjorie Denzin-Stewig.

What you expect and what we deliver:

  • Each project design encompasses the owners individual desires
  • Continual communication in motion between client and their designer
  • No two projects are alike, truly an exclusive design experience
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Strict management of budgets put in place
  • As part of the solution, we analyze the future of the site and implement remedies accordingly
  • Designer selected materials for all aspects of the project
  • An outdoor design brought to life for enjoyment & relaxation

Marjorie Denzin-Stewig

Master Outdoor Designer & Owner

I started Twin Lake Design Group in 1994 to specialize in landscape design and enrich the outdoor experience of others. I have always been fascinated with the outdoors and the beauty of nature since I was young. My greatest skill is listening and stretching the mind and ideas of my clients resulting in truly innovative designs.

In High School, I began studying horticulture and working with the Native Plant Community. Upon graduating, I pursued my passion at the University of Minnesota and graduated with a double major in Landscape Design and Nursery Production. I continue to stay on top of the newest developments and techniques in the landscape industry by attending educational classes in design and sustainable practices.

I always start with listening, experiencing your desires for outdoor spaces, and creating an inviting landscape experience. I take great pleasure in guiding you through the landscape and talking about the aspects of your design.

I am excited for the opportunity to share my passion of the outdoors and the beauty of nature by creating a timeless landscape for you that invokes harmony.

Community Projects

City of Buffalo Community Gardens

City of Buffalo Veterans Memorial Park

Zion Lutheran Amphitheater – Buffalo, MN


Certified member of MNLA (Minnesota Nursery & Landscape Association

Member of Maple Lake Chamber of Commerce

Licensed Nursery Stock Dealer with MN Dept of Agriculture

Member of Blue Thumb organization ‘planting for clean water’

Member of MN Landscape Arboretum

Licensed Builder of MN

Education & Accomplishments

MNLA Landscape Design Award winner 1991

City of Buffalo-America in Bloom award 2007

Community Gardens of Buffalo

Buffalo Veterans Memorial Park

Interested in Landscape Design, and not sure where to start?

Landscape Design can feel like an overwhelming and daunting task.  You may step out to your deck to look out to your yard and know it has potential, but just don’t know where to begin.  Let us give you a tip:

  • Step #1: Call 763.682.4246
    • Get the ball rolling with a quick, no-pressure call with Twin Lake Landscape Design
  • Step #2: Schedule an Appointment
    • This is the fun part!  We’ll come to you to take a look at your landscape and hear your thoughts!

The rest of the steps will all fall right into place per your consultation.  We want to hear your thoughts, take a look at your landscape area and make sure everyone has a full understanding of the project details so you can make informed decisions.  No pressure, no obligations.

Twin Lake Landscape Design Minnesota