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7 wonderful reasons to hire a professional landscaper


1. Idea Generation

It’s more than ideas…it’s a vision.  Landscape designers have a natural instinct for ideas, which are sure to start brewing the moment they see your project area.  In addition to the natural knack, consider their training and experience.  While the formulation of ideas is a human ability, focusing this ability to a new and improved ideas based on past experiences and training is truly a unique talent.  And you can take full advantage of this skill!

2. Site Analysis

Every location is unique and requires custom attention.  However, your property is still part of a larger ecosystem that needs to be fully considered when planning new landscape options.  Your professional will have the skill to dictate their ideas, while still keeping in mind the broad areas surrounding your property and how they can affect each other.

3. Conceptual Design

After the general analysis, design concepts are established for you to contemplate.  Your location might offer a multitude of layout options and themes, but your professional landscape designer will narrow down the selection to ones that answer your needs and desires, as well as the needs of the property and surrounding areas.

4. Construction Planning

Even the most amazing designs may have ecosystem limitations.  We can have the most amazing and creative thoughts and ideas, but it takes a professional to know if it is buildable or sustainable- two attributes that you want your design direction to have.

5. Budget Creation

Ah yes, the budget.  Understanding the entire cost of projects is very important.  Professionals are well aware of the full cost for the project development, including labor, product, supplies, licenses, and so on.  Once the direction and theme is defined, it is necessary to bring to reality the overall cost of bringing this idea to life.  Professional landscapers will be able to provide a reasonably accurate budget range through their experience and knowledge.  This will help you decide if you want to bring your ideas to life all at once, or focus on dividing it into phases over a few seasons or years.

6. Contractor Liaison

It is monumentally important to draw the design process into the construction phase. Some designers work with in house contracting operations – known as Design/Build. Others work solo and have developed strong relationships with professional landscape contractors that they are confident in working with or recommending. These relationships are very useful to anyone planning to hire installers for the construction phase.

7. Project Management

One of the greatest perks to working with a professional landscape designer, is having a person stick with you and your project throughout every phase, including construction.  Every project has the potential to be improved upon during the development, and also has the chance of running into unexpected and unpredictable issues.  Having your designer close at hand will ensure that your project is taking advantage of every opportunity, as well as minimizing any issues.

Do you have a landscape project waiting to be brought to life?  Contact Twin Lake Design to help you refine your ideas and get an actionable plan in place to make your outdoor dreams come true!

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